The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

This book.. omg where do I start? This is an alien apocalyptic piece of art.. it starts with a normal family; Cassie Sullivan, her brother Sammy, her mom and her dad but terrible things happen to all of them due to that weird alien invasion on Earth. Cassie finds herself completely alone at the beginning of the book then she starts mentioning and explaining her past; her crush on Ben Parrish, the creepy guy who wanted to kiss her and a lot more..

When I first started reading this book I was confused and bored out a little bit, I couldn't get through this but I did.. when I encountered Evan Walker I swear to you, I was done with this book in a span of 20 hours afterwards. HE IS THE DEFINITION OF A PERFECT MAN.

It is one big emotional roller coaster with this book, I was first bored with it, then I was completely and utterly heartbroken. It's very fast-paced and you will get addicted (mark my words).

I had my mouth wide open the whole time throughout this book, it made me have faith in humanity and that we're invincible. It made me want to live more in the moment and cherish it. I admired Cassie for wanting to honor humanity, she is a truly remarkable -bad-ass- character..

I've always believed that love is the strongest emotion and the weapon that could make or break. The 5th Wave made me fall in love with love, it conveys the power of love to do anything, the importance of fulfilling a promise and the insistence on restoring humanity all gathered in this masterpiece.

One thing that really surprised me is the ending, how inevitable is fate? You cannot run away from it, you just have to face it. Unexpectedly, and in a very strange situation, strangers meet, they bond on a more personal level. One day you fantasize about a person the next few months, you're BFFs with them. It's weird to even think about.

I recommend this to everyone! If you love dystopian themed YA books then this is your book, EVEN if you've never read sci-fi/fantasy before. I haven't and it is an honor that this book is my first sci-fi read.

If you have read the 5th Wave, comment down below what you thought! :) I would love to read you guys' opinions.