Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I knew I'd love this book since the very first page, Katy is a book blogger (relatable). She moved to West Virginia with her mother after her father dies. They happen to have moved opposite to a house with two alien sibilings, Dee and Daemon. 
Dee is a bubbly and a fun character, her loyalty and her love towards Katy are amazing characteristics, on the other hand, Daemon is arrogant and snobby. He is a complete douche and Katy can't seem to resist his charm. This whole book is about an almost forbidden love story between an alien and a human, it's beautiful in every way possible.. 

One thing I loved about Obsidian are the conversations exchanged between Daemon and Katy, they are witty and sarcastic and you can sense the tension between these two. Unlike everyone else, I actually didn't hate Daemon, I admired him and I liked how much of a jerk he was ( I have a think for jerks idk).

I couldn't help but compare Obsidian to Twilight; the parallels are way too much. I compare Daemon to Edward, Katy to Bella and Dee to Alice. There are also some other parallels, but these belong in the spoiler section. 
This is definitely a 5 star kind of book and I would recommend it to everyone, I genuinely can't wait to read the rest of the books. 

Highlight to view:

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! It was funny, and adorable. I loved so many scenes.. my favorite was when Katy and Daemon were trying to make the trace fade *winky face* these two are beyond adorable and I wanted them to cave in to their feelings so badly, I want them to be together asap. 

Daemon being a jerk was adorable, he cared for her and beyond his shown hatred, he actualy likes Katy and it shows in everything he does. It's understandable that he doesn't want his sister to get hurt, she's the only thing he has left. I know that he sometimes pushed it; for example the cafeteria scene was so saddening. I expected Daemon to defend Katy, and what's up with Ash being a bitch anyways? I wanted to slap her so hard and when Katy poured the spaghetti on both of their heads, I wanted to applaud her.

Katy is a good person, it's amazing how far she would go to protect Dee, she daggered an Arum and she sacrificed her life for the sake of Dee.. no one does that anymore. 

Twilight parallels: 

  • Dee reminds me of Alice
  • The Cullens being vampires and pairing from within the family = the Aliens 
  • Lesa reminds me of Jessica (Anna Kendrick)
  • The shopping for dresses part reminds me of Twilight when they went shopping for dresses as well.
  • Mr. Garrison also reminds me of Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) 
  • When Daemon stopped the truck before hitting Katy, images of Edward stopping the truck before hitting Bella with his bare hands.
Am I imagining this or is it extremely similar to twilight, but instead of vampires it's aliens?
Can I just say how much I loved Daemon's POV? More PLEASE! I would love to see his POV merged in with hers in the other books. 
I wonder what will happen next? Will she become a Luxen or.. ?
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If you've read this book, share your thoughts down below. :)
Have an amazing day everyone!


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